Thai Soups

Tom yum goong (spicy & sour soup)

Famous hot and spicy Thai soup with lime, lemongrass, jumbo shrimp, mushrooms and cilantro.


Tom kha gai (Thai creamy soup)

Creamy coconut milk soup with chicken, lime, chili, lemongrass, mushrooms and aromatic galanga.


Tom sap (spicy beef soup)

A spicy, Thai northeastern-style soup with lime, lemongrass, rhizome, dried chili and tender pieces of beef.


Tom yum poh tak (spicy seafood soup)

A spicy combination seafood soup, jumbo shrimp , squid and scallops with lemongrass, mushroom, lime, rhizome and cilantro.


Gang jued wunsen (vermicelli soup)

A mild, clear broth with ground pork, glass vermicelli, garlic, scallion, shiitake mushrooms and seaweed.